Our Advisory model has a three prong approach:

What is happening in the industry?

Informing our client of the latest in OTC regulations such as Dodd Frank, EMIR, Basel 3 and etc as well global best market practices. Through our extensive experience in markets and our constant interaction with regulators and market participants and our involvement in various committees and events, we bring a wealth of progressive knowledge which we share with our clients. We will also inform our clients how they stand to be affected by existing and forthcoming regulations and market changes with respect to the category of market participants they fall under.

Where are you now?

We perform a deep dive into our clients’ internal infrastructure, processes, controls and systems and produce a clear and concise report on control gaps, process inefficiencies, non compliant practices and overlapping/redundant technology.

Where do you want to go

We will propose a target vision for our client through a blue print of a customised target operating model incorporating various case studies and solutions.  The target operating model will run through an implementation plan for either process re-engineering or enhancements where needed, to comply with OTC regulatory changes, cost effectiveness and industry best practices. This would translate into a road map with phased deliverables based on a pipeline that would be suitable for our client.

This is our core model. We take this model and apply it to various client requirements.

Our Model

Our Core Concentrations

Business development Services
Business Strategy & Modelling Change Services
Collateral Services
Clearing Services
Credit risk Services
Post Trade Services
Vendor Selection