We are at the forefront of industry changes in global markets with regular participation in industry events and regional steering committees that address specific regulatory, risk or regional infrastructure/ new business developments.

We are also at the pulse of disruptive technology developments for banking and financial markets regularly consulting with FinTech start ups and offering our feedback on how their solutions maybe applicable for the larger banking and financial markets ecosystem. We have also done proof of concepts for P2P platforms and cloud based solutions for post trade banking services.

We regularly produce research papers and in-depth articles for financial institutions. We are also regulatory called upon by the media for insights into market development and have participated in over 35 different conference. The below are an example of a few done in Asia:

Industry Participation

Our participation at conferences in Asia has included the following events:

Recent Publications

Gold, OTC markets and collateral: The new frontier
Asian Banker, February 13th, 2015
With increasing regulations looking to strengthen global markets from systematic shocks and defaults, there is a growing need in Asia to look towards using its own assets as collateral.

China’s success in learning from Japan’s mistakes
The Strait Times, November 11, 2014 
There are 3 key strategies for China to adopt to take the leadership role in Asian financial markets that Japan had failed to undertake that will define China’s success in Asia

Outsourcing Collateral Management in the Evolving OTC Derivatives Landscape 
Asian Investor, January 31, 2013
A research paper written based on the feedback of 100 market participants in the APAC region on how they manage their collateral across the intermediary and investor segments

On foreign regulations landing on Asian soil: a case for a unified response
The Asian Banker, July 15, 2014   
Sam Ahmed, former sales head, collateral services APAC, Citi, questions the necessity of Dodd Frank and EMIR regulations for the well-being and growth of Asian markets

Asia E-Trading, September 11, 2014
Since 2011 I have engaged clients across Asia to understand their needs around collateral management and post OTC trading needs. From regional and local banks, to asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds, the feedback from them has been unequivocally consistent. The sheer range of offerings from custodians, prime brokers, vendors, clearing brokers, consultants…more


derivsource , September 17, 2014,  
Sam Ahmed, an industry expert on OTC derivatives in Asian markets, offers his views on how the DNA of banks and bankers is changing as a result of the regulatory overhaul and greater focus on compliance and risk management