InteDelta, based out of the U.K, is one of the leading consulting firms globally for Risk, CVA and Collateral Management.  Their extensive work includes projects such as CVA Re-engineering for a G-14 Investment Bank and a pre analysis project for a client (Leading global bank) intending to design and offer tri-party collateral management services where InteDelta covered all aspects of the client’s technology, documentation and business requirements.

Aside from consulting, InteDelta is well respected in the industry for their regular publications of topical themes in the risk management and regulatory space.  Some of their recent publications include: “CVA and Counterparty Risk Management: a survey of management, measurement and systems”, “White paper:  Initial Margin” and “Measurement and Management of Counterparty Risk”.

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Our Partnership:

Developing solutions & implementing changes in an evolving OTC landscape requires strong knowledge of OTC regulations, a structured and tested implementation methodology and a deep understanding of Asian market practices. By combining the expertise of global markets best practices from InteDelta and deep Asian markets knowledge and experience from Deriv Asia,  we have successfully developed a unique streamlined support model for helping our clients in Asia.

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