Implementing Change

Change can be applied to two broad areas: business process change and organisational change

  • Business Process Definition: This defines elements such as what steps and functions will be undertaken in the end-to-end business process; the controls in place at each step; and the efficiencies of the process
  • Organisational Definition: This defines elements such as which departments have responsibility and ownership for each process step; the appropriate independence of key functions/controls; and ensures departmental skills are appropriately

Implementation will take place as follows:

  • Once we have established with our client the business and functional requirements for a new target operating model, we will then work with the client’s internal business and technology staff to architect the strategic technology solution environment.  This involves:
    • defining scope
    • working with client to produce a Business Review Case & managing stakeholders
    • Cost / Benefit Analysis & return on investment for the project
    • Planning resourcing & deliverables (RAM)
    • Executing workflow diagrams
    • Tracking, monitoring & trouble shooting
    • UAT