Our advisory services specialises in a broad based and long term strategy of redefining a bank’s model to ensure they are in track with global macro trend and regulations.  This would for example include the impact of Basel 3 i.e. capital costs/RWA on various business lines as well as how specific regulations create a need to re-engineer all aspects of support functionalities such as: collateral management, OTC & futures clearing, post trade execution best practices, optimal liquidity management,  enterprise risk management, credit risk modelling, middle to back office operational support infrastructures.  We would also work with CCPs and exchanges to enhance their risk management model and work with efficiency enhancements  on cross margining and interoperability framework between CCPs.

Most of our advisory services come in the form of a market intelligence report and survey comprising of peer benchmarking practices.  We will also add our own analysis to the survey along with recommendations.  All market intelligence reports and surveys come with a few workshops to explain the results in detail to clients and for clients of clients.

We also have a strong advisory arm for those businesses wishing to setup a prime, securities services, custodian, collateral services or vendor business in Asia.  We will draft a business development plan for you incorporating target clients, jurisdictional regulations which may affect your business, marketing strategy and a tailored solution of your product/service by different client segments in Asia.